Author: Cathie Welch


The Merritt Medical Centre in Chessington received a garden makeover last week by a group of horticultural students. The students were attending a Garden Design

Gardener or Horticulturist?

Learning to mow a lawn and use a hedge cutter takes about five minutes whereas learning the subject of horticulture takes a lifetime…….Cathie’s Gardening School

Garden Gifts For Christmas

Some ideas for last minute Christmas Gifts with a gardening theme from Cathie’s Gardening School, Secretts Garden Centre, Milford. It’s that time of year again

Garden Design, Where to Begin?

I am so often asked to design gardens, advise people on garden design and help with gardening in general. It is not something that can

Garden Composting

Most people have a compost heap or bin in their gardens more often an eyesore than a functional thing of beauty. I love my compost

Honey Bees at Secretts

An introduction to the honey bees at Cathie’s Gardening School, Secretts Garden Centre, Milford. This month I thought I would introduce you to my bees.

Fruit Tree Pruning

We are fast approaching the winter fruit tree pruning season as I write this but it does appear that there is still confusion over this

Flower Feast!

Herbs are a favourite amongst gardeners and cooks but have you ever thought about using the flowers as well? It may surprise you just how

Flaming February!

On a recent visit to Wisley I was totally in awe of the reds, yellows, oranges and silver stems surrounding the lake. Truly a magical

Fabulous Forsythia!

You truly know it’s Spring when the Forsythias are out in every garden. The riot of yellow truly lifts the spirits. Although it is an