Author: Cathie Welch

Christmas Nuts!

Each year at this time I look at one of the Christmas traditions relating to horticulture and this year I have chosen nuts! I find


Regular readers will be aware that Cathie’s Garden Army have recently created a garden at Woking and Sam Beare Hospice which was designed by Valerie

Botanical Drinks

As a horticulturist with a deep passion for growing all things edible it occurred to me that readers may like to share how easy it

Bees, Bees, Bees….

Advice on all kinds of bees from Cathie at Cathie’s Gardening School, Squire’s Garden Centre at Secretts, Milford. Regular readers will be aware that there

Beautiful Bark and Stunning Stems!

Some inspirational gardening ideas by Cathie from Cathie’s Gardening School. I was inspired to write this article after a New Year’s Walk around Harold Hillier’s

Bee and insect accommodation!

Congratulations to Sarah Blake in Cranleigh for winning the free Cathie’s Mobile Gardening School consultancy and to everyone else who won the reduced fee visits.

An Introduction to Keeping Bees

Advice for new beekeepers from Cathie at Cathie’s Gardening School, Secretts Garden Centre, Milford. We now have three colonies of bees in the teaching garden

Autumn Sedums

The Autumn brings us spectacular colours as deciduous trees and shrubs prepare themselves for the winter rest. As well as coloured leaves, berries and stems

Autumn Tidy Up!!

Autumn is such a beautiful colourful time of year but many plants die or die back or just look a bit sad. The question is