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Cathie’s Gardening School is going mobile!

Have you ever wished for an expert with you in your garden to offer advice and guidance? Many people do not have the time to attend courses and workshops so Cathie can come to you!

Your tutor…

Cathie trained at Kew Gardens, adviser at Wisley, taught at Merrist Wood College and now runs a Gardening School based at Squire’s in Secretts, Milford. We may also be expanding to Applegarth Farm in Grayshott from September.

Individual Advice

Whether you have lived in your property for years or recently moved in, there are always questions relating to the garden. One thing is for sure it will not look after itself and there are many unqualified jobbing gardeners around to make things worse! Cathie can advise on the names of your plants in your garden and their requirements, pruning, pest and diseases, maintenance and the overall design. The consultancy consists of a morning or afternoon visit and Cathie can advise or even work with you and teach you what to do. Once you have had hands on experience with an expert tutor you will gain confidence in your gardening. What is even better is that she can be on hand afterwards for further advice and guidance via email!

Groups of Friends or Family

Why not get together with up to three other interested people? This low number ensures excellent teaching and learning within one garden so everyone can master the technique being demonstrated. For example there may be several of you with out of control Wisterias that need taming. A lesson in pruning will ensure you are skilled at this task for years to come.

Courses in your garden

You may have the facilities to allow a course to be run in your own garden. Pruning courses are popular especially if you have an array of different plants and can accommodate larger groups. The host provides lunch and participants pay a fee. We all prune, you all learn and the project gets done under Cathie’s watchful eye! Design projects have been popular in the past too where the class members design an area in your garden, you buy the plants and we plant them! Great fun at a fraction of the price; what could be better?

An unusual Gift

A gift certificate for a gardening consultancy is such a wonderful and unusual present for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas or as a leaving present. Why not ask for one yourself? 

Free Consultancy!

To celebrate CGS becoming mobile I would like to offer a free consultancy to one person (or group) and a further 10 at £50 instead of the usual £200! This is for the months of September and October only so you need to be quick as it is only the first 10. Please send your entries through my website  HYPERLINK “” or email me at  HYPERLINK “” Please state where you live and the sort of garden advice you would like.

If you would prefer to come to the Gardening School there will be new courses at Secretts and Applegarth starting in September as well as the continuation of RHS modules open to everyone. The next RHS module is Weeds, Pests and Diseases and starts on Friday 18th September. A 10 week garden design course for beginners is also in the pipeline!

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