Garden Design, Where to Begin?

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I am so often asked to design gardens, advise people on garden design and help with gardening in general.

It is not something that can be learnt within a few weeks like any subject but if you think about it garden design is just getting your own outdoor living space exactly how you like it within the budget available!

Garden Design For Beginners

On 4th December 2013 I am going to introduce the subject of garden design to complete beginners. The workshop will include how to measure up your garden, plot it onto paper to scale and then think about the features and plants you already have and what to do next. It’s a good opportunity to see if you like the subject!

Understanding Garden Features, Plant Selection and Planning

In January there is the opportunity to join a garden design course at the gardening school. This will cover all garden features, choosing the right plant for the right place and how to put it all together. Once you start it is quite addictive if you would like to create a garden to enjoy!

There is also a whole programme of half and full day workshops covering many aspects of gardening and horticulture and these will be outlined here after Christmas.

The courses are fun, sociable and there is so much to learn with other like minded people.

We have been known to visit each other’s gardens for advice, tea and even some practical work!

Art Exhibition and Sculpture Trail

You can of course just buy something extravagant to look at through your window on a cold winter’s day or to nestle amongst your cottage garden perennials. One of the main aspects of garden design is the focal point and positioning a piece of art or sculpture outside in your garden just like an ornament in the house can look breath-taking. 

The sculpture trail this year runs from 5th to 20th October at Secretts Garden Centre, Milford near the pick your own area. I can highly recommend it and there are some amazing pieces on show and available to buy for all budgets and tastes!

If you want to learn more about gardening and beekeeping there are regular workshops and taster sessions at the Gardening School available for everyone! New garden design courses are planned for January and I am happy to meet you and discuss courses, gardening or just chat about bees! Best to make an appointment as I am quite elusive!

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